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Professor Clare Kelso

Professor Clare Kelso is a consultant for the Metsemegologolo project and an environmental geographer whose research focusses on climate and environmental history, rural livelihood vulnerability and sustainability. She currently holds the position of Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies at the University of Johannesburg.  She began her career in 1997 as a junior geography lecturer at Vista University, Soweto campus.  Prof. Kelso has supervised a number of Masters and PhD students in topics focussing on rural livelihood vulnerability and change, on the interface between conservation and local communities and on the gendered nature of the impacts of climate change in rural communities.  Underlying these research foci is the central aim to identify sustainable and equitable solutions to complex environmental and social problems.  Geographically, the focus of her research has been South Africa, although she has supervised students who have undertaken related research in Tanzania and the Cameroon.