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Dr Mark Anderson

Dr Mark Anderson is a consultant for the Metsemegologolo project and a Senior Teaching Fellow in Educational Development at Imperial College London. His academic background is rooted in the social sciences, with professional expertise in archaeology, cultural and educational anthropology, and academic development.

After studying Archaeology at Reading and Oxford universities, Mark worked as a field archaeologist at the Museum of London before moving overseas to conduct eight years of archaeological and ethnological research on pre-colonial Tswana-speaking communities in southern Africa.

During his African work, which included directing an international archaeological field school, Mark nurtured a deep appreciation for the power of community-centred education, and its potential for international development and transformative learning. The experience culminated in the completion of his PhD at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2009.

Mark holds an MSc in Education (Learning and Technology) from the University of Oxford, and he has held posts as a Learning Technologist and a Senior Lecturer in Teaching and Learning at the University of Greenwich.